Cut Flowers

Alongside our own garden we have a small plot at High Nature where we grow a range of beautiful flowers. Some are freshly cut and go into seasonal bunches, some are dried to be sold online and some are left for the bees to feast on! ALL are sung to on a regular basis and smell better for it. 

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Bunches  are:

Small - £15

Medium - £20

Large - £30

Bunches can be delivered locally for a small fee, usually around £3

If you need flowers for an event and would like to buy local, seasonal and lovingly grown blooms, please do get in touch!

We would love to chat to you.

How to care for your flowers

Because our flowers are grown chemical-free they need a little extra care to encourage their life span in the vase.  All our flowers are cut the night before delivery and given a lovely drink so they arrive well fed. Stems are cut at an angle to encourage maximum water absorption and for some types of flowers, specific conditioning is given to help them last as long as possible. When your flowers arrive leave them tied and pop in an appropriate vase of cool (not cold), deep water. Plant foods vary but we have chosen not to send our bunches out with a sachet of chemical feed. You might like to try: 

A teaspoon of sugar stirred into the water 

A 2 pence piece (the copper acts as a fungicide and kills of any bacteria that might cause flowers to wilt quicker)

A teaspoon of  bleach (kills off any unwanted bacteria) 

We recommend you change the water in the vase every few days and take the stems out after a week or so, picking out any sad looking flowers and replacing them with new hedgerow/garden treats! That way you'll get to know your flowers a little better, can engage with the beauty of nature's finest and will have a revived bunch continuing to make you smile.