Oak & Earth Mother is a concept that offers everyone the chance to enhance their wellbeing and explore how to live a happy, healthy and sustainable life.


Curator, mother, teacher and lover of all things wholesome, Cathryn has a thirst for creating balance and happiness. Whether it's cooking up a hearty soup, lighting a fire for friends or nurturing young minds, you'll always find her open to ideas and seeking inspiration. Firmly rooted to the picturesque blue sea and rolling farmlands of South Devon, Cathryn has found more than just beauty in her surroundings. The heartwarming community of a small rural village and the empowering network of mothers has become integral to her family life. She has found yoga to be any easy way to inject some calm into busy family life and has practised all types.  Alongside her partner Alex  of Oak & Earth Gardens and her favourite yoga teachers, Cathryn hopes to offer a place for others to find a bit of serenity and their own inspiration.